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Bits and Pieces

Being the Mom

Being a mom. The hardest job. The best job. But the hardest. The best and the hardest at the same time. Sometimes the hard and the best take turns. Sometimes the hard gets harder and the remnants of the best are like tattered threads. At this unprecedented time in our history—with the world facing and […]

Bits and Pieces

Invisible Disabilities

Sometimes our Pain is Invisible How many people do I know who are actively fighting cancer? At least five names come to mind. I’m not talking about strangers or statistics here; I am talking people in my life. People who cross my path on a regular basis. People I call ‘friend’ or ‘family’.  I can […]

Bits and Pieces

An Insider’s Take on Depression and Anxiety

– A First-Hand View An inside view of clinical depression and anxiety disorder. Raw honesty from a friend’s daughter. She shares her story with the hope of helping others.  I read her blog and asked for permission to repost it on my blog as a Guest Post. She agreed.   Her name is Jackie Wasser and […]