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Speaker, writer, artist, teacher and follower of Jesus.

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Speaking Topics

When the Hurt and the Healer Collide.

I share the story of my journey through my son’s rare illness and how Jesus sent us into the storm and provided for all our needs when all we had was Him. Strong faith is grown in storms. There is purpose in pain.  A story of great hope amid the storms of life.

Broken to Beautiful

In this message, I share the many metaphors of mosaic art to life. We are all living broken in a fallen world. We can begin to feel worthless, unnecessary, outdated, incomplete, and like we do not belong. Much like the dishes I use in my mosaics. But God sees in us what I see in broken, outdated, unwanted dishes. I see beauty and potential for someone new and of great purpose. This message is especially important for young girls and women of all ages. We must remember what we tend to forget– the truth God speaks over us. We are awesomely and wonderfully made!

Broken to Beautiful with Make-and-Take

In this combo, the audience hears a short version of the ‘broken to beautiful’ message and then has the opportunity to make a small mosaic to take home as a reminder of the message we cannot afford to forget: we are wonderfully and fearfully made, clay in the Potter’s hands, preordained for a purpose, and a member of the family as a child of God. We belong!

When Someone You Love is Depressed – Basic First Aid

What can we do when someone we love is hurting in such a unique way we feel we have nothing to offer? It seems impossible to help when we are not professionally trained in mental health. The truth is that although there is plenty we cannot do, there are many things we can do. A personal journey of hope for the one who watches a loved one, helpless to help.

Choose Your Hard

We often ask “Why?” in times of trouble and distress. This talk is geared especially for the student-athlete who faces a devastating blow to a promising career.  It is equally powerful for all ages, as we face loss, pain, and suffering.  Life is hard- but we get to choose our hard- with or without Jesus. Powerful, encouraging, and a message that brings the gospel to the playing field of real life.

He Breathes with My Sister’s Lungs

I tell the story of my sister who suffered a brain aneurysm and of the man who received her lungs after her family made the decision to donate her organs to save the lives of many people. This story is one that addresses how we look at answered prayer. Does God hear us? Does prayer matter? A moving and powerful testimony to the faithfulness and awesomeness of our God.

How do I Know if My Child’s Speech and Language is On Track?

I share my expertise as a pediatric speech-language pathologist, offering information on child development in a fun and fresh way. I offer tips for parents and other care providers on how to enrich children’s language development. This can be a casual conversation around a table or a more formal presentation, whatever fits your group’s needs.

Sign Language Class

Gather a group of moms, dads, daycare providers, or teen babysitters and we will learn the basics to use sign language to help young children communicate more effectively as they learn to talk. It’s fun, it’s rewarding, and young children love the power they have ‘talking with their hands’.



Linda’s presentation to our Confirmation class was very moving. Her openness and honesty about going through a very difficult experience were truly uplifting for all in attendance. She tells about how her trust in God helped her through this time and brought her family closer together. A strong faith gave her courage to help her son and together with their family, they were transported from Hurt to The Healer. Great presentation! – Pastor Gordon E

Linda is a dynamic speaker. Audiences of all ages can connect to her messages. Her love of Jesus shines through in her presentations and she openly and honestly shares her faith through her speaking. She interweaves her faith celebrations, struggles, questions, scriptures, and prayers in her discussions and creates illustrations that stick with her listeners long after her presentations are over. – Tracey M.

The Lord is definitely using Linda’s family journey to touch and encourage many hearts. Through scripture and personal testimony, Linda reminds us of God’s promises and most importantly, the HOPE of Christ to those weathering a storm in their life. – Nancy S

Linda’s Story

I began speaking in 2012, following my journey through some storms of life. Sometimes storms brew and we find ourselves in the path. Other times, I believe, God sends us into the storm to teach us of His great faithfulness, mercy, kindness, and grace.

I’ve spoken to groups large and small. My venues include MOPs groups, Women’s luncheons, Fundraising events, Confirmation classes, Faith Retreats, Summer Camps, and as a Keynote Speaker at events that include musical entertainment.

As a Christian, my messages are rooted in the truth of Scripture. As a storyteller, I bring the Word of God alive in practical ways, helping teens, men, and women find the courage to live a life of joy, even amid the dark valley.

What I offer is a meager lunch of a few fish and a couple of barley loaves. Jesus takes my offering and feeds the listeners in ways that I never could. It is why I speak.  The Lord asks me to offer my story and He multiplies that to feed those who hear what He has done and continues to do in the lives of those who trust in Him.

It would be my honor and pleasure to offer my fish and loaves to your next event. Let’s see what God will do!

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”- John 14:6