My February Favorite Mosaic

My February mosaic time was filled with creating animals and trying a few new ideas. One of the new ideas was to try decoupage on old barn wood. Then to take stained glass and mosaic over so the image would show through just a bit as well as fill in the remainder of the wood. It’s rustic and it was a true “let’s go for it” trial.

Barnwood Memories

There’s something special to me about old barn wood. I grew up on a farm with lessons galore built into the everyday adventures on the farm. The barn was full of life and mystery. And danger. As a scrawny, cautious kid, I had a healthy fear of machinery and high places.  Still, the farm provided me plenty of quiet time and space to venture out, to take risks, to grow up.


I’ve planted sunflowers a few times. Once the stalk was well over 8 feet tall. I am sure the birds were happy that summer. I’m still cautious when it comes to farm work and equipment. I admire (from a distance) the men and women who run family farms in the area. They work hard every day. Their discipline puts mine to shame. But I like to think a part of that “hardy stock” runs through my blood. Barnwood brings me back.

Hats off to My Heroes

This month’s favorite is a tribute to real farmers, hard-working Americans, well-disciplined folk, and gardeners.  The salt of the earth.

Carry on, my heroes, carry on!