“Wilbur didn’t want food, he wanted love” – E.B. White, Charlotte’s Web.

Day 32/365 Mosaics + Handlettering + Good Word. 

Today’s hand-lettered good word is “keep it simple” and what’s more simple than love?  Life gets awfully complicated and messy and overwhelming.  The opposite of simple. How I try to work my way back to simplicity is to do something,  anything,  that brings me joy. And to find gratitude of some sort in that very moment when it’s all too complicated.  ‘

I ask myself, “What can I do to make THIS better?” There’s always something. Might be small as a cup of coffee or a song on the radio. And for me, the more complicated it gets, the more I find joy in breaking dishes. Quite simple,  really. All you need is a hammer. And a dish. 

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