Hello from the hobbit house…

Let’s live an abundant life! My name is Linda Reinert.  I wear a lot of hats which include:  wife, mom,  sister, friend. I like to write, speak to groups about my own valley walks, create art, teach mosaics, and help children talk as a speech-language pathologist.

Take off all the hats and underneath I am simply a sheep in the Good Shepherd’s flock. I am a follower of Jesus who falls and gets back up again, who wonders off the better path sometimes (still) and who finds His grace amazing, and His mercies new every morning.

My life experiences are rooted in rural, small-town-USA. I live close enough to The Mall of America to go there every week if I’d want to. I don’t want to. But I find those who do “want to” to be fascinating people. It brings me back to a childhood favorite, The City Mouse, and the Country Mouse.  Thank God for all types of mice and men.

What’s in it For You?

Welcome to a place that encourages you to create. Discover ways to live a simple life and learn how to put the sweet back in “home sweet home”.  We’ll explore minimalism.  I’ll share my expertise as a speech-language pathologist. Most of all, I hope Valley-Walk is a place to find comfort, support, and healing as you journey through the hard stuff of life. Valley Walk is meant to be a place to learn, grow, discover, and have some fun. A place to discover the how-to of abundant living.

Live an Abundant Life…

LET’S CREATE!  I’ll share my mosaic art. Here you’ll see what you can do with broken dishes, broken glass and a little bit of adhesive.  Find before and after photos of my work and that of others who come to the farm to create their own mosaic masterpieces.  And I’ll post on other creative expressions. There’s always more to make, right?  I’m dabbling in brush marker calligraphy, watercolor painting, chalk painting furniture, and paper quilling. I’m not a ‘trained professional’ but you can take that as a good thing. (mistakes and ‘Pinterest Fails’ will make you feel better, right?)  I’m an amateur but I have tons of fun. It’s contagious.

SIMPLE LIFE. I am a little bit into minimalism.  I say “little” because I keep chipping away at my clutter. Less is more in many ways.  I seem to gain lots of enthusiasm and then hit a roadblock.  Perhaps all the art supplies get the better of me?  We’ll chat about decluttering the outside and the inside (too many thoughts can keep you awake, can’t they?)

SELF-DISCOVERY. Who are you? Good question. I like to muse about the many character traits that make up being human.  We’ll explore introvert/extrovert tendencies. I get a kick out of personality quizzes and will share some links and ideas for you to explore who you really are.  Who did God create when He made you?

MAKING HOME. All things to do with organizing (not so good at) to decorating on a dime (pretty good at) to learning ways to clean without chemicals and heal without prescription drugs.  Every home needs a ‘maker’.  I’ll share projects I’ve tried and let you know how they *really* turned out.

CHILD TALK. I share my experience as a speech-language pathologist working with young children.  We’ll explore typical speech/language development. What is a delay, and should we be concerned? Although some children may find talking difficult, I believe we can always help them communicate.

THE HARD STUFF. Oh, the hard stuff.  It’s the “valley” part of Valley Walk.  I spend time looking at life from different perspectives and share what I have learned (mostly from others and from personal hardships and mistakes) and I offer what wisdom I have gathered through years of walking side by side with Jesus. I have no answers, really.  But I share the Answer. We’ll explore grief, loss, self-loathing, envy, anger, fear, depression, anxiety– you know, the Hard Stuff.

Stay In Touch

I believe journeying together is a good thing. I hope you’ll subscribe to my list.  Be sure to comment on posts, ask questions and share the ways you live an abundant life.  I am always looking for answers to life’s questions.  Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Trails…


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