At the Farm

Where you can create, relax, and rejuvenate.  The Farm is available for retreats of one, two, and three nights.  Join me for a class on mosaics Register for a watercolor class “At the Farm” with a professional artist, Charlotte Laxen. Or grab your group with the only expectation being to unwind and discover the blessings the farm has to offer.

Where is The Farm?

The Farm is located in rural Lake Lillian, Minnesota. A little over an hour’s drive from the Twin Cities metro area–give or take.  The Farm touts a quaint and peaceful atmosphere with a grove of trees to protect us from the cold winds. The sunrises can be seen on the front patio or from the upstairs east bedroom windows. There’s an apple tree that yields delicious organic apples.

The long driveway is enthroned with tall stalks of field corn in the fall. Off the beaten path but easy to get to and minimal gravel roads to travel. Far enough away to allow you to let go and truly be in the present moment.

During your stay, you can stroll through the grove, wander the nearly 9 acres, sit under the willow tree or gather at the picnic table. When the weather does not cooperate for your outdoor pleasure, the farmhouse is cozy. It seems to invite you in, whispering the words, “cast your cares away and get comfortable.”

A Quaint, Comfortable Stay

The farmhouse has Wi-Fi, one full bath and one half-bath. There are window air-conditioners when the days grow sweltering, but for the most part, the farmhouse stays cool and with the windows open, guests find it comfortable.

There are sleeping accommodations for 6 to 8 guests.  The kitchen is equipped. Bed linens and towels are provided. You provide your own food.

It’s a bit rustic- so think ‘cabin’ not ‘hotel’ and you will be just fine.  There’s something very special about this place. Miracle moments happen At The Farm.

How to Book Your Stay At the Farm

Please inquire as to availability and rates for your small group to enjoy the space.

If you are interested in taking a mosaic’s class or learn watercolor, please inquire and I will share that information with you, as well.

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