God is in Control

It’s a good thing. It’s the brave thing when we let go of control. Because it takes faith to trust where you cannot see. It takes courage to let go when you feel that if you do, all hell will break loose.  We think we must keep that from happening, so we do whatever you can to control the situation.  It’s a gift, really, though it doesn’t seem like it at the moment– when God puts us in situations where we have no control.  For it is then we realize:

1. We have never really been in control. And we are not meant to be.

2. God is and He has always been the best at that.

We are the Moon. We Only Reflect the Power

My painting is the full moon reflecting on the water. We are the moon.  God is the sun. We simply reflect His goodness. We don’t hold the power to light the world. God does.  We get to reflect it. That’s cool. But it’s not the power source. The moon goes dark when the sun doesn’t shine upon it.  That’a good reminder to me.  I’m not in control. I’m nothing at all without Him.  I go dark without His light.  The verse grounds me in the truth.

Broken IS Beautiful When We Surrender to His Control

The switch plate is a reminder that God takes brokenness and creates something new. He invites us to loosen our grip and let go of our false sense of control and let Him take charge.  He wants to take our messy, broken lives and put them back together in a new and beautiful way.  These broken vintage dishes were no longer good for serving food. But they become a sweet conversation piece for farmhouse bedroom or a crisp, clean kitchen.  God wastes nothing. He wants to give us His best.  For some reason, we won’t let Him.  How about we let Him?

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