sunflower mosaic diy kit

DIY Kits Offer Hope

I started creating DIY Mosaic kits from a suggestion of a friend who had come to create at one of my classes before the pandemic closed us down. I pondered the idea and decided to give it a try.

My early efforts were unpolished and I learned a lot from those first kit creations. Things I learned:

  1. The items being created need to be large enough. My first creations were too small, making it difficult for adult hands to easily manipulate the tiles.
  2. The kits are better when packaged well. Many of the kits were purchased as gifts to ease the stress of the isolation. Grandparents sent to grandchildren. Adults sent to their parents in assisted living. Prettier packaging made them feel more like ‘gifts’.
  3. Glue needed to be included. There’s really nothing more frustrating than preparing to create something (anything) and just as you embark on your project, you realize an essential supply is missing. Ugh! Ready to paint a room and realize you don’t have a roller brush. Ready to sew your quilt pieces together and realize you are out of thread. Ready to watercolor paint your vacation photo and realize you are out of paper. Glue is now included in every kit…because I know what it’s like to feel that frustration!
  4. Various levels of difficulty add to the fun. Some of my kits are easily created by preschoolers. Others will provide the challenge to creative adults. And there are kits that fit beginners to more advanced crafters. If you have an idea, please share it with me. Some of my best -selling kits were inspired by your suggestions.
  5. Working with your hands and creating something beautiful is a form of therapy. The kits have offered more than a way to pass the time. Art is therapy and creating is good for the mind and soul. Puzzles have been sold out during the pandemic because of the relaxation and challenge they offer to our minds. Mosaics are similar. There’s something therapeutic about taking broken pieces of glass and vintage dishes and creating something new and beautiful with your own two hands.

My Kits are available by clicking on the SHOP tab on my menu. Consider giving them as gifts to those who are isolated, lonesome, or bored in this challenging time of COVID19. Consider gifting one to yourself for the same reasons. Self-care is essential in order for us to be strong and healthy for serving others. You can make a few mosaics and give them away. Or keep them as reminders of your strength and resilience in this unusual year 2020.

Thank you for supporting my small business with your purchases, with your visits to the Farm for classes. Classes have now resumed. You can inquire about dates by EMAIL or HERE on my site. The Farm is meant to minister to your soul. I hope you will let it.

Happy Creating!