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Worried? Just Add Oil.

Worry. There are quotes and sayings galore that justify worrying as a mother’s right, a necessary component of our DNA, an unavoidable realism in our lives.  But Jesus commanded us not to worry. He gave strict orders to stop all that nonsense and trust Him. Trust God. Trust the Holy Spirit within us. Even for […]

Bits and Pieces

When Mother’s Day Casts Shadows

Mother’s Day- Sacred Yes, Happy? Maybe Not Bittersweet Mother’s Day. This will be the first Mother’s Day without my mom. Some of my friends can say 10 or even 20 years without Mom. It takes on a different hue when the one you celebrate is missing. Mother’s Day gets colored uniquely with shades of sorrow […]

Bits and Pieces

How About You Deliver a Miracle

Delivering Miracles We read the news, we see the posts on social media, we hear of the real-life heartaches and hardships around us and we want to help. We do. But we lack finances, time, and talent. Personally, I want to see mighty acts of healing, conversion, and forgiveness.  I grow discouraged because all I […]