Welcome to the Farm

Welcome to the Farm!

Mosaic Art Teaches Me Every Day

I pick up a chipped, scratched, mismatched, outdated, or broken plate.  I reach for a piece of stained glass discarded by the artist as ‘too small to bother with’ and I create something new. And beautiful. And often of good purpose. I mirror in a very small way the work of Christ. The One who takes all the brokenness of our lives and uses all the pieces for good. He redeems. He cares. He is a hair-counter. He wastes nothing. The shards that would get swept away as trash, I use in my creations.  And if i do so in my art, all the more I believe He does so with our lives.  

Find  Purpose, Meaning, Healing, & Joy

My blog posts are here to help make the journey easier to endure and more enjoyable.  Often reflecting on my mosaic art. Always weaving in the value of the broken parts.

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Mosaics at the Farm ~Taking the broken and making it beautiful.