Welcome to Valley Walk

Home of Mosaics at the Farm

How are you doing?

I mean, really–how are you? We quickly say “fine” without a second thought. But sometimes it isn’t fine. And that’s OK.

Valley-Walk is a place to find honest encouragement for your personal journey.  Psalm 23 assures us the Lord is with us as we go through the valley walks that lead to the green pastures and the still waters. I like to remember two words: WITH and THROUGH.

Find  Purpose, Meaning, Healing, & Joy

My blog posts are here to help make the journey easier to endure and more enjoyable. Let’s not only survive this walk, let’s thrive on this walk.  I have posted on the Hard Stuff of life, of course- but not without including some great information about living a Simple Life, Creating, and Self-Discovery.

Dig a little into the categories to find some DIY projects, discover something new about your personality, make your home more inviting, find ways to help a child communicate more effectively, learn about new art forms- such as quilling and mosaicing. Be encouraged to try something new, or face a fear, help a child, or heal a wound.

I’m not the expert on any of these topics, but I am passionate about learning and sharing my new-found knowledge with my readers.  I am a speech-language pathologist, so in the area of child development, I do have some clout.  Overall, I learned the most from walking alongside others who are better at these things than I am. I copy those I admire 🙂 and I will link you to the best whenever possible!

Together on the Journey

Please consider following my blog. Find me on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. I’d love to follow along with you to hear how your valley walk is going, as well.  We can encourage one another. Goodness knows we all need more encouragement in this world!

Encouragement for a walk that leads to joy, peace, happiness, contentment, and some fun.  And in the midst of the worst of it– the valley of the shadow of death–we will have each other for comfort. We can’t do this thing called life alone. Together we can face the climb.

Happy Trails To Us…